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Carrying excess weight can seriously affect your health and well-being, therefore shedding unnecessary pounds can be a hugely positive life-changing development. However all too often, people find weight loss a real struggle.

Mr Shlok Balupuri FRCS, MD, Consultant Surgeon at Sunderland Royal Hospital and Spire Washington Hospital, has been performing weight loss surgery for several years.

Obesity is associated with medical diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight related arthritis, obstructive sleep apnoea and even certain cancers, resulting in early death.

It is therefore critical that those carrying extra weight act to remedy this quickly – and what they might not know is that research has shown that weight loss surgery is more effective in the long term than weight loss drugs or diets.


Weight loss also enable patients reduce or even come off medications for diabetes and high blood pressure.

There are various surgical options with one such procedure being the Endoscopic Gastric Balloon Insertion


Medical Therapies - Gastric Balloon


This is a temporary procedure, undertaken in select patients for initial weight loss. The balloon is placed in the stomach and left in for 6 months. The procedure is carried out under sedation or with a throat spray.

Other surgical options include:

Gastric Band Insertion
Gastric Sleeve Resection
Gastric Bypass

Weight loss procedures are performed laparoscopically (keyhole)

For further information, please contact Mr S Balupuri