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threadveins-treatments-img1Microsclerotherapy is an effective method for treating unsightly thread veins.

A very fine needle is used to inject a dilute irritant solution into the vein leading to damage of the wall of the unsightly thread vein causing it to close off. As healing occurs over the next three months or so, the damaged vein is absorbed, thus removing the blemish.


  • Injections are almost painless and multiple treatment sessions may be required.
  • Look worse to begin with and the area treated may look swollen and red initially.
  • Fading starts after three weeks and it may be a few  months before the main benefit is seen.
  • Treated veins will not recur, but other thread veins may develop over time.


  • Large veins may leave a faint brown mark – will fade over a year (easily concealed with a light tan or stockings)
  • Allergic reaction to the solution is very rare, occurring in about one person in 100,000.


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